The purpose of this project is to:

    • Identify when, where and why flooding is occurring along Chester Creek.
    • Develop a report that presents alternatives to solve the flooding issues in the project area.
    • Provide cost estimates and recommend next steps in flood mitigation.

The Chester Creek Flooding project area includes properties within or adjacent to the mapped flood zones of Chester Creek, from A Street to the outlet of Westchester Lagoon.


  • FALL: Site Survey and Data Collection
  • WINTER: Icing Evaluation
  • DECEMBER – JANUARY: Public Survey Questionnaire



  • JANUARY: Preliminary Study Results
  • JANUARY: Public Meeting #1
  • FEBRUARY: Community Advisory Committee Meeting #1
  • SPRING/SUMMER: Alternative Modeling and Evaluation



  • WINTER: Draft Design Study Report
  • APRIL: Public Meeting #2
  • APRIL: Community Advisory Committee Meeting #2
  • MAY: Final Design Study Report

State funding for this design study phase has been provided based on the community identified flooding issue. Bond funding has been programmed in the Capital Improvement Program to build the recommended improvements.